An out door exhibition by Amy Krüger, Verena Schatz, Mikkel Karlshøj and Maria Bang Espersen.

September 2012 in Nexø, Denmark.

Glass works was presented outside in the public spaces in collaboration with its surroundings. In stead of podiums and a white room glass was combined with nature which put a new perspective on glass.

For the show I presented Visibles which consist of hidden spiderwebs made of glass in between threes, and Reflective, a small lake on a hill made of very thin glass shells. I have used glass to create an illusion of something else in order to make my viewer question what is perceived and at the same time pay attention to details.

Visibles, Maria Bang Espersen, 40x28x7cm and 30x25x3cm

Reflective, Maria Bang Espersen, 100x60x40cm

Play, Amy Krüger

Blending in, Verena Schatz, 250x120x1cm

Underground, Mikkel Karlshøj