Current group exhibitions

Generation Glas, CFHILL, Stockholm, Sweden, opens June 9th 2023

Chimera, La Beast Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, May 6th - June 10th 2023

Makers 2, Caselli 11-12, Milan, Italy, opens on May 10th 2023 

Studioglas aus Dänemark, European Museum of Modern Glass, Rödental, Germany, May 26th - Nov. 19th 2023


‚ÄčReceived a 2023 work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

Recipient of a 2022 Art Grant from the Ole Haslund Art Foundation

Kalmar Län in Sweden acquired "21st Century Apples #7"


Detail of "Soft Connections (love and champagne)"

Generation Glass at CFHILL

Opens June 9th