Awarded a residency with Max Syron at Gallery S12 in Bergen, Norway, January - February 2015

Residency at Playa, Oregon, Usa, October - December 2014

Awarded a work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

Awarded a grant from Annie and Otto Johs. Detlefs Foundation

Awarded a Travel Grant from Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879 for "Spoon and Fork Study"

Winner of the Jury's Special Prize at Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass in Germany

Konstsammlung der Veste Coburg has acquired the piece "Complexity"

Statens Konstfond in Sweden has acquired "Support"



"Maria Bang Espersen", Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France, Opening 5th of March 2015

BRAFA Art Fair, through Clara Scremini Gallery, Belgium, January 25th - February 1st 2015

"BodyTalk", Glazen Huis, Lommel, Belgium, 12th Oct. 2014 - 15th April 2015

"2D→"  Exhibition in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia: 

13/May/2014 – 03/June/2014 exhibition in Arka Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania

01/Aug/2014 – 30/Aug/2014 exhibition in V. Grybas Museum in Jurbarkas, Lithuania

05/Sep/2014 – 18/Oct/2014 exhibition in Museum of New Art in PÓ“rnu, Estonia.

22/Oct/2014 – 29/Nov/2014 exhibition in Rietumu Bank gallery in Riga, Latvia.



Fellowship at The Creative Glass Center of America, USA, Oct. - Dec. 2013

Artist in Residence at The Corning Museum of Glass, USA, March 2013

Recipient of Mary Beason Bishop and Francis Sumner Merritt Scholarship. TA for Bohyun Yoon at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, August 2013

"Studio glass of the year", 2013, Denmark


Holstebro, Maria Bang Espersen, Latex

"I am adding a layer to my birth town", durational project, Holstebro, Denmark, 2014