2017-19: Fellowship at the Core Program, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA








Next to the skin, WCC-BF, Belgium, 20th Oct. - 20th Jan 2019

New Scandinavian Glass, Vessel Gallery, London, UK, Nov. 8th - Dec. 22nd 2018

CraftTexas 2018, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, September 29th - January 6th 2019






Self-proclamations (wind turbine)

Self-proclamations (wind turbine)


-currently on show at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

About: Denmark has for a long time been viewed by others as the idyllic country in the north and Denmark have actively participated in creating such image. The traditional Danish Christmas platters have romanticized Denmark for more than a century and are now collectibles all over the world. 
Denmark is known for its welfare and green politics, a narrative supported by the Danish government. When one looks at green statistics however, that image is far from reality. 
(The insertion of an already fired plate into a newly built object, creates tension so cracks occur.)