Soft Series 2023

"The making of my sculptures can be described as a sort of extreme kind of playing – the process is wild, fun, and full of action, but the play material is a 1650F molten mass, shifting between malleable and stiff in a matter of seconds. My rapidly made sculptures come together under two opposing forces: control and serendipity. Traditional glass making is based on following precise rules because of the difficulty related to the craft. I mess with that by creating objects that are made fast and without the typical tools, creating prime conditions for me and the glass to work spontaneously together. My process clashes with the unyielding forces of gravity and time, compelling me to free myself from my own preconditioned notions­ of good form and perfect technique. I need my focus to be 100% or this delicate relation will collapse, yet I can never fully predict the outcome and I never have complete control."

Soft Connections (Love and Champagne), 77x30x23cm

Soft Connections (Tough Love), 56x25x21cm

Accumulated Lines (love and champagne), 28kg, 55x27x59cm

Community, 60x30x26cm

Rock Mountain #3, 15kg, 31x28x26cm

Soft Hill, 13kg, 44x26x43cm