Four glass objects, a total of 100x30x25cm


Literally, one shape has given shape to another.

The four objects were made by adding layers of thin glass threads directly onto four different ceramic objects and then heated to follow the lines of the ceramic shapes. The layering, built up over time, becomes a metaphor for the experiences that come with time, shaped by the things we touch. Things affecting other things, however brief, leaving a mark or an imprint. An invisible, yet somehow strong connection.

The ceramic objects were chosen for their everyday, functional use (two bowls, a vase and a lid). Our bodies directly touch objects like them every day. The ceramic objects were made by hands as well. Another touch.

Generally, in regards to glass, in 2013, I was playing with our perceptions of what we expect glass to be. By presenting glass that didn’t read like glass, I was indirectly pointing out our shortcomings in perceiving the world purely built on past experiences. This approach often helps us as it simplifies our understandings of the world, but it also leaves for a narrowminded, unimaginative, relationship to it.

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