Soft Series 2022

"By immersing myself in unconventional fabrication processes, I try to manifest my interest in deconstructing existing hierarchies: all things are malleable (like hot glass) and nothing can be permanently defined. My experimental sculptures in glass are therefore not only an approach, but also a statement. - One that states never to get caught up in restrictive norms or to obey established hierarchies. My work plays with possibilities within materials and the results often goes against classic understandings of what a material is and can do."

Soft but Hard (blue feelings), 15(h)x28x27cm

Layered Rock #1, 22x34x16,5(h)cm

Coexistence (keeping it together) #1, 26(h)x25x26cm

Malleable Rock #1, 26x24x13,5(h)cm