Omtanke (Eng. Care) 


Bowls: min. 2,5x7x6 cm, max. 5x20x10 cm

Drinking glasses: 9x7 cm

1st Prize winner of Eco Arts Awards, 2012

2nd Prize Winner of the Scraplab Design Contest, 2011


Jury's Statement:

“OMTANKE incarnates the beauty of simplicity. It is a very elegant and sophisticated design with inspiring aesthetics that make you want to touch it. On top of that, it no longer reminds of scrap. The creator’s attention to detail expresses the love she invested in the design.”

Omtanke is a product made of reused glass, but without any high temperature remelts, making it more environmental friendly. The bowls are made by only cutting, grinding and sandblasting old wine bottles, giving them a new life. As a result every bowl is a little different from the other, caused by the different shapes, colors and sizes of the bottles. 

Each bowl is a statement in it-self, a proof of how creative thinking plays a big role in making perfect solutions for the future.