12.41 min video, sound, and glass

Dimensions, projector screen: 180x200cm. 

Dimensions, glass objects: 3x30x27, 8x40x40, 10x40x35, 12x34x26 and 20x30x30cm


”Process is arts dirty secret”

                             Susan Collis


Transforming is an essential part of creating, but is very often overlooked and not as highly valued as the final outcome. Craftformation presents the fascinating elements of making. The process itself evokes curiosity and questions our perception of possibilities.


Being able to transform hot glass into an enormous shape that explodes and becomes thin shapeable threads that once again can be transformed with heat, looking nothing at all like glass, is incredible and almost unbelievable. Craftformation reminds us that things around us often have more to offer than what the eye sees and deserve more attention than what we tend give them.

Craftformation, maria bang espersen, glass explosions