Soft Series 2021

One single line that appears to have been made of a bundle of malleable treads, its soft appearance however illusional. A brief touch reveals the sensation of a hard, heavy and cold material. Its unique appearance testifies to one moment in its making, now frozen in time. The secret ingredient is air, trapped within the sculpture, as it plays with light: In between each thread there is a gap and as light travels though the layers of transparent glass, it reflects in multiple directions creating an illusion of a pliable, lightweight material.  

Double Lines, 50,5(h)x53-60x53cm

Soft Yellow Diamond, glass, wood, foam, 120(h)x69x40cm

Soft Black Diamond, glass, wood, foam, 83(h)x63x43cm

Rock Mountain #1, 20x37x29cm

Single and multiple lines, 2021

Differing in Black, 35(h)x40x26cm

Nonlinear in Brown, 59,5(h)x57x25cm