Soft Series 2021

These rapidly made sculptures are situated within a space occupied by the two opposites, control and serendipity. By focusing on unconventional fabrication processes, I aim to physically manifest my interest in deconstructing existing hierarchies - conventional glass making is based on following precise and restrictive rules, but I purposefully mess with those notions by creating objects that are made fast and with the least amount of restrictions possible. My process clashes with the unyielding forces of gravity and time, compelling me to free myself from my own preconditioned notions­ of good form and perfect technique.  

Single and multiple lines, 2021

Differing in Black, 2021

One single line that appears to have been made of a bundle of malleable treads, its soft appearance however illusional. A brief touch reveals the sensation of a hard, heavy and cold material. Its unique appearance testifies to one moment in its making, now frozen in time. The secret ingredient is air, trapped within the sculpture, as it plays with light: In between each thread there is a gap and as light travels though the layers of transparent glass, it reflects in multiple directions creating an illusion of a pliable, lightweight material.

Nonlinear in Brown, 2021

Rock Mountain #1, 2021