Nordic Mythologies

Presented at Vandalorum Museum of Art and Design in Sweden, 2022/23

Nordic Mythologies investigates myths and narratives of national identity by tracing histories of everyday porcelain ware. It adopts the form of a museum display showing historical objects and presents seven carefully selected groups of porcelain. The displayed objects, however, are embedded in the display box itself rather than placed inside it. This clash has caused the glass of the display box to crack, thereby revealing the destructive power within the porcelain objects, and simultaneously commenting on the fragility of museum presentations. Seen from the outside, the raw construction of the room is visible. From the inside, each display box becomes a window to the outside. The surroundings thereby become part of each display, reminding us of the ever-present, but often otherwise invisible, external factors that affect our perception.

The work highlights a form of nationalism within Scandinavian porcelain history that is only rarely touched upon, but has indeed contributed to the construction of a certain level of nationalistic pride in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Nordic Mythologies guides us through the stories and marketing behind the products in order to contribute to revealing this construction.