How the middle ground could suddenly disappear is a bit of a mystery

2016, Mixed media

The work discusses relations between groups of people and addresses the lack of empathy among groups as well as discusing the separation now very apparent between people of different interests and beliefs both in Europe and the US. Part of the project is a video, in which a narrator tells a story about how a gap was created and the complications of its presence. In dialog with the video is a sculpture made of a wooden structure covered in paper. It is the physical “would-have-been-mountain”. The part that was removed from the mountain to make space for the freeway. Something that would make the mountain whole again, were it to be placed in the gap. In addition, nine different pillows on the ground make up the image of the gap seen from a distance, but each pillow’s image is constructed from different materials and scattered around the room without a real possibility of recreating a whole.