On Display – The effect of some things Danish


           Ready-made porcelain, display boxes

Porcelain is a Chinese invention that has existed for more than a thousand years. After many failed attempts, the Europeans cracked the code to making porcelain in the 1700s and it was soon copied throughout Europe. Royal Copenhagen (Den Kongelige Pocelænsfabrik) opened in 1775.

Aside from producing Chinese porcelain in Europe, copying Chinese decorative styles were equally popular. What is today Blue Fluted by Royal Copenhagen (Musselmalet) is with small modifications, a German pattern (from Maissen,) originally copied from a Chinese pattern. Today, almost all of the now Finish-owned company’s products are produced in Thailand.

Individual titles:

Once upon a time… (Amagerpige)

Juleeventyr (Jul ved den gamle vandmølle)

”China” (B&G)