Soft Series 2020

"A main aspect in my art practice is to develop new approaches to the material glass. “Soft Series” is a group of work made in a technique I developed in 2011 and named “stretched and folded hot glass”. I have made modifications to both the traditional blow pipes and work bench usually employed by glass blowers in order to continuously stretch and fold large amounts of molted glass. After the last stretch, I twist the created line, cut it off from the blowpipe, and shape it by hand wearing heat-resistant gloves."

Off-linear in Pink, 18x23x14cm

Manicured Rock in green, 12x24x18cm

Golden Curve, 43x26x17cm

Nonlinear (pink), 47x51x16cm

Off-linear in Yellow, 54x35x28cm

Folded Rock (yellow), 19x31x18cm

Stretched Black Diamond, 46x49x27cm